Literary Writing

The Pink Book (2022) Clouds of Magellan Press, Melbourne We wish to acknowledge that the photographs depicting a male model used in the 'Religious Icon' artworks (pages 18-21, 34-37 of The Pink Book) are by Melbourne photographer Drew Martyn. We apologise for not including an acknowledgement in the printed work.

The Park Bench 2nd Edition (2021) Clouds of Magellan Press, Melbourne

The Park Bench (2005). Thompson Walker, Australian Scholarly Publishing.

AIDS Doily (artwork and commentary) in Always Remember: 40 years - 40 Object and Images from the AIDS Epidemic. Melbourne Clouds of Magellan Press 

Time Heals Nothing in Stamping Ground: Stories of the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Melbourne: Port Campbell Press.

Short Fiction in antiThesis - Fuse (Vol. 14). Melbourne, Australia.

Nobody in Particular in Double Dialogues (5 - Art and Pain).

AIDS Doily (artwork and commentary) in Bent Street LGBTIQA+ Art, Writing & Ideas. Clouds of Magellan Press, Melbourne

A Letter to My Man of Nineteen Years in Growing Up Queer in Australia edited by Benjamin Law. Black Inc Press, Australia

Strangers in Strange Shapes: New Melbourne Writers. Melbourne Australia: Crooked Style Press.

Look, No Hands in Eloquent Bastards. Melbourne, Australia.

We Gave but We Did Not Go in Heaven Bent: Australian lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex experiences of faith, religion and spirituality. Clouds of Magellan, Melbourne

Review: Car Cash Culture by Mikita Brottman in antiTHESIS - In Transit, 13. Melbourne, Australia.

Witness in Strange Cities: New Melbourne Writers. Melbourne Australia: Cooked Style Press